DIY - Cool Science at home

The bouncy egg


  • Raw hen egg
  • White vinegar (45% acetic acid)
  • Ruler, scale, large glass jar
  • Optional: Food dye


  1. Measure and weigh the egg.
  2. Fill a large jar with vinegar.
  3. Immerse (dip) the egg in the vinegar with the larger end up so that the air pocket keeps it upright.
  4. Observe after a few minutes, after 30 min, a day and a week
  5. After a week you may wash the egg and bounce it but GENTLY ;)


- The egg flows first, but a few minutes after immersion, it goes back to the surface (the egg starts to float), pushed by the small bubbles of gas that form on the shell.

- After a few days immersed in vinegar, the shell disappears. The texture of the egg is soft and elastic, and it bounces easily.

- The egg has grown in size and weight!

How it works? 

- Have you tried it already? Great !

Email me a picture or a drawing of your bouncy egg and I will send you a PDF file with a detailed explanation .

Results Video

 Check out the result of this cool experiment done by a 3 year old with my help ;)