Spark your kids’ CREATIVITY 

and develop their CRITICAL THINKING!

For 3 to 11-year-olds





  • To make his own slime, in his favorite color and with glitter?
  • To make chocolate ice cream in 10 minutes, without a refrigerator?
  • To launch his own rocket?
  • To learn explosive chemical reactions?
  • To discover many other scientific tricks? 

IF YES, you 've found THE RIGHT PLACE!



  • To develop the intellectual capacity of your children?
  • To stimulate their cognitive development?
  • To develop their critical thinking?
  • To stimulate their creativity? 
  • To boost their academic studies?
  • To stimulate their fine motor skills?
  • Them to learn science by practicing/doing it and having fun?

IF YES, visit our "laboratory" and give your children the chance to DISCOVER HOW COOL SCIENCE can be ! 


How useful can cool science be?

Cool Science proposes

  • Fun science activities for kids aged between 3 and 11 years old
  • A rich and varied program of more than 30 cool experiments, already successfully tested in class
  • The use of everyday ingredients, but also real laboratory equipment
  • A hands-on approach, that will allow children to learn science by doing-it while having fun
  • A program created and led by Maria Macedo, a biologist with a PhD in neuroscience and a passion for teaching science to children 
  • Many weekly classes, lots of fun birthday parties and some good holiday camps
  • Many Uhm, Wow, Yeeeeaah! and Aha! moments that will spark your kid’s CREATIVITY, develop their critical scientific THINKING and boost their performance at SCHOOL.

How Cool Science can be ?

Dozens of fun and educational experiments, like making fluorescent bouncing slime, mini-rockets, volcano models, bio-electricity, ice-cream without freezer, apple light bulbs, lemon batteries... and so much more.

True EUREKA moments that will BRING OUT the SCIENTIST in them!

Who created "Cool Science"?

Maria Macedo, PhD.

Maria Macedo

Hello everyone ! My name is Maria and I am happy to share with you on how I have come up to create "Cool Science" for kids.

I am a biologist with 14 years of laboratory experience, in different countries. In 2012, I received my PhD in Neuroscience from the VU University of Amsterdam for the study of "The genetics of early onset Parkinsonism."

In addition, and previously to that, in Porto, I was offered by the local College of Education, the chance to develop and deliver a one-year science program for gifted children. Working closely with those knowledgeable, naturally curious and highly demanding children, represented a fantastic challenge, at first, and eventually one of the most fulfilling experiences I ever had, which inspired me to create, some years later, "Cool Science" in Lausanne.


Finally, in 2013, I interrupted my scientific career to join my husband in his relocation to Lausanne and to better support our two lovely children.

Currently, I am happy to do what I love – teaching science to young kids - and am looking forward to developing further my educational project: "Cool Science"!

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Visit the Cool Science "laboratory"

and give your children the chance to

discover how SCIENCE can be COOL!

Visits by appointment. 


Avenue du Léman 26, 1005 Lausanne

079.951 86 02